Columbia Sportswear Buyers Guide

What types of products does Columbia offer?

Whatever you're into, whatever your style, Columbia has something for you. From the casual to the technical, you can find something from Columbia to help you tackle the outdoors...however you define it.

Stay warm and look good out there in Columbia Outerwear! With jackets, soft shells, and fleece for the sporty, casual, or city life. Keep dry when Mother Nature says otherwise in Columbia Rain Gear. Casual and sporty waterproof, seam-sealed, breathable pants and jackets are perfect for foul weather.

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How does Columbia Sportswear meet my needs?

Columbia has spent decades developing the most advanced outerwear and sportswear on the planet. Chock full of the latest and greatest technologies and materials, these pieces meet whatever need and tackle any challenge you could come across out there in the wilderness or in the city.

  • Omni-Dry Ultrabreathable Waterproof Omni-Dry - Designed to keep you dry, even when running through a downpour, Omni-Dry fabric is incredibly waterproof and breathable, allowing moisture vapor from your skin to escape at a high rate, while preventing water and wind from entering the fabric. Used in jackets and other Columbia apparel, Omni-Dry is the ultimate waterproof fabric for active people, keeping the elements off of your back, while cooling you down when you get the heart pumping.

  • Omni-Heat - Stay warm in cold conditions Omni-Heat - Thermal technology built directly into Columbia fabrics keeps you warm in extremely cold conditions. By maintaining body heat and preventing heat loss, Omni-Heat is an incredible asset for winter, skiing, and ice climbing jackets, as well as technical base layers.

  • Omni-Tech Stay Dry In Wet Conditions Omni-Tech - Utilizing an Omni-Dry layer, Omni-Tech is a multi-layered fabric that provides the maximum waterproofing while allowing for the maximum amount of breathability in a garment. While blocking out the elements, Omni-Tech pulls moisture vapor from the skin, allowing it to pass through the fabric at a high rate, keeping you cool and dry in active and wet conditions. Check out the Columbia Women's Arcadia Rain Jacket or Columbia Men's Watertight Rain Jacket for great Omni-Tech performance!

  • Omni-Shade Enjoy The Sun Safely Omni-Shade - Blocks the majority of the Sun's harmful ultraviolet rays from reaching the body, so you can stay out in the Sun longer. Its tight-weave construction, UV reflectors, and UV absorbing technology is designed to block UVA and UVB rays, prevent sun burn, and in the long-term, prevent skin damage and types of skin cancers.

  • Insect Blocker Keep Bugs At Bay Insect Blocker - Repels insects like mosquitoes, flies, ticks, ants, and other biting bugs with a synthetic repellent found in types of flowers, chemically bonded and integrated into clothing and gear. Invisible and odorless, this repellent fabric requires no special care, and lasts for up to 70 washes. Safe for the entire family.

  • TechLight Lightweight Performance TechLite - A durable, impact absorbing material designed for outdoor footwear like running shoes and hiking boots. Supportive and protective, Techlite is made of a closed-cell compound that is naturally odor-resistant, antimicrobial, and easy to care for.

  • Omni-Shield Resist Rain and Stains Omni-Shield - Protects clothing and fabric from stains by resisting liquids below 170 degrees. Omni-Shield apparel dries 3 to 5 times faster than traditional fabrics and stays lighter when wet so that you aren't weighed down by heavier gear. Omni-Shield resists rain and stains.

  • Omni-Freeze Stay Cool In The Heat Omni-Freeze - Specially shaped yarn weaves that quickly facilitate the release of heat from the fabric and feels cool to the touch. Omni-Freeze garments are a perfect match for warm weather activities. As the graphic indicates, Advanced Cooling Omni-Freeze helps you to stay cool in the heat.

  • Omni-Wick Keeps You Dry and Comfortable Omni-Wick - Ultimate moisture management fabric moves moisture from the body through the fabric, allowing it to evaporate quickly, cooling you during activity. By wicking moisture from your skin, Omni-Wick from Columbia Sportswear keeps you dry and comfortable better than other fabrics.

  • Omni-Grip Hold Tight On Any Terrain Omni-Grip - Advanced traction for hiking, trail running, and other footwear, with specially designed patterns to fit various conditions and environments.

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