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A great aerobic workout is good for the body and soul. It let's you focus on yourself, and let the world and other responsibilities wash away. Every motion reduces stress and clears your mind of all the clutter. It also works your muscles, tones, and burns calories and fat for a healthier you...mind and body.

Elliptical trainers and machines give you one of the best aerobic and cardiovascular workouts you can get these days! A mechanical step system conjoined with a handlebar system, elliptical machines work the entire body without putting excess pressure on your knees, ankles, and other joints. With their raised and almost frictionless step system, running or walking on an elliptical is like walking on air. But as you comfortably and smoothly walk on air, you also firm and tone your buttocks, hamstrings, quadriceps, thighs, and calves, while strengthening your heart and lungs. While your feet move, the dual handlebar system works your arms, chest, back, and shoulders, firming and toning those muscles for a full-body workout right in the comfort of your own home! In fact, the U.S. Navy has found so many benefits in modern elliptical machines, that they have approved them as an alternative to the run in their Physical Readiness Tests.

The elliptical motion is a unique blend of stair climbing, cycling, skiing, and walking all together in one movement. Walk forward, and work your quadriceps, buttocks, lower abdominal, hips and thighs. Reverse the motion and target your hamstrings, lower buttocks, hips, thighs, and calves. With varying degrees of resistance and many programs to choose from, you get a full-body, diverse workout every time!

The bane of so many peoples' fitness plans is time. We're busy people, and so many times we choose running errands, doing work, or taking care of the family over going to the gym. But with an elliptical machine in your home, you can get great, and diverse workouts in on your schedule...without having to go anywhere! Throw a load of laundry in and do a half hour session while you wait, or really get the blood pumping and your heart rate up for an hour while dinner's cooking in the oven. Finally, your fitness program works around your schedule. And with such a full-body exercise machine as an elliptical, you really get the most out of your workout time!

With such small footprints, and at incredibly affordable prices, we have the elliptical machine that fit in your space, and your budget. Check out our full range of ellipticals and other fitness equipment to find the program and gear that works for your lifestyle and your fitness goals!

Elliptical Machines

Elliptical Machines - Elliptical Trainer

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