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    Eye Black

    Eye Black

    So you think you're ready for the big time. The games count for real now, this is no pre-season scrimmage. The lights are shining brightly and you need to be prepared for the big stage. And to do that, make sure you have your eye black ready.

    You're focused on the opponent and have put in a solid week of practice to make sure you can do your job at the highest level. Your shoulder pads are on, uniform is looking fresh and laces snuggly tied up. Before the helmet goes on and you're in game mode, don't forget to reach for your eye black applicator or stickers.

    Whether boosting your intimidation factor or trying to avoid the glare while making plays, eye black has become an essential part of every football player's game face. At Sports Unlimited, we're here to make sure you can get the exact look you want. We offer eyeblack stickers from SportStar in plain back or several eye-catching designs. If you're more old school, we have stick applicators from Mueller and Franklin to allow you to customizer your look.

    Ultimately, eye black will help to reduce glare as sweat builds on your face during the game. It doesn't matter if you're looking up into the lights to catch a key pass or eyeing up the quarterback for a crucial sack, you want your vision unhindered. Pick up some eye black from Sports Unlimited and make sure that when it's your turn under the lights, you're ready.