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Scooping a bounce and taking a hard throw from the short stop are two very different plays to make, but in over a century of continuous improvement to gear, the first base glove has become its own entity that optimizes for specific plays that first basemen need to make. Often designed with reinforced single post webs, these gloves for first basemen are built to withstand the fastest throws and secure the most awkward bounces. With a range of gloves from ready-to-play out of the box to super high quality fine Italian leather, Sports Unlimited empowers players by providing the best gloves for any price range because getting the out isn't so simple, it takes hard work, focus, and great gear.

Choosing a first base mitt that best suits you can depend on a few different things. Price range can easily determine what kind of glove you want, but then you have specific web configuration, brand, and the overall design and look of the glove. Although the look of the glove may be superficial for the most part, having a glove that you love and makes you feel confident is important on the field. When you're at first base, your glove becomes part of who you are. Make sure that you choose one that you'll be proud to wear.