Fisher Sideline Cape Comparison

When your football team is making run in the playoffs, youÆll likely come up against some tough competition and cold temperatures. When the season is a at its most pivotal point, youÆll want to be sure that players are able to perform to the best of their abilities in any condition. One way many teams combat frigid conditions is with the use of a sideline cape. These football sideline jackets are designed to fit over your pads and helmet, making it easy to get on and off between series. You may have seen NFL sideline capes on your favorite players during the playoffs, as the look to stay warm on the biggest stage. But this protection is not restricted to the gameÆs best, as you can now have the same shelter from the elements with the use of a football sideline cape.

The brand most teams turn to for these sideline jackets when the temperate drops is Fisher Athletic. Makers of a wide range of football products, Fisher provides a few options for your sideline needs in both youth and adult sizing. Deciding on whether youÆd want a traditional sideline cap, or a fleeced line version is going to come down to where and when youÆll be wearing them. Both feature an ergonomic design that fits easily on top of your shoulder pads and helmet. Its sleeveless construction makes it easy to use, while internal pockets and Velcro attachment keep the warmth trapped in. You also have the option to make these both custom sideline capes by adding your team name or logo to the front or back.

The obvious difference between the two is the fleece lining for additional warmth and comfort. For teams that are exposed to the cold elements year in and year out, investing in the fleece lined option is worth every penny. Also, if you are looking just buy a person sideline cape, then it is probably worth the added costs for the increased comfort. But if you are team that is not regularly dealing with cold weather, and just wants the protection from the elements that a sideline cape delivers, than the traditional non-line version will satisfy your needs.