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Fitness & Activity Trackers

Fitness and Activity Trackers will continue to be a growing trend in the fitness world. People can feel when they are working hard, but want to be able to see exactly what they have accomplished. Fitness trackers also offer the advantage of being able to upload your workout and daily activity data to a smartphone or computer. This allows you to check your progress throughout the day, or evaluate your workouts and activity over an extended period of time.

The selection of fitness trackers is so vast, many people find it confusing and overwhelming when shopping. Here are a few questions to consider when shopping for a fitness tracker.

Does it have a heart rate monitor? Many activity trackers do not have heart rate monitors. If this is important to you, make sure you look for this feature first.

Does it use GPS tracking? For runners and cyclists who want extremely accurate distance tracking of their workouts, GPS-enables trackers are definitely the way to go. Other trackers use sensors similar to a pedometer that use your number of strides and stride length to determine distance traveled. This number can be skewed if extraneous movement registers as a step.

Does it track my sleep? Some activity trackers are also sleep trackers. They use advanced sensors to measure the duration and quality of your sleep and transmit this data to your smartphone or computer.

Is the look customizable? Customization options of fitness trackers range from none (what you see is what you get) to minimal (different wrist band colors) to extensive (wrist band colors, materials, necklaces, waist clips, etc).