Football Training and Gameday Apparel

What you wear under your armor can make an incredible difference from the first whistle to the fourth quarter. In recent years from high school football, through college, and in the NFL, more and more players are wearing compression fit shirts and shorts to gain an advantage on the field. Compression tech flew onto the scene with Under Armour that boasts some pretty stellar benefits whether you're training or hustling during a big playoff game. The biggest benefit to wearing compression gear is decreasing the time it takes for muscles to repair and rejuvenate; that means more stamina and faster recovery. By improving lactic acid clearance (or preventing its build-up), your muscles get tired more slowly so you feel less fatigued. This kind of gear also wicks sweat away from the body and can even keep you cool or warm depending on the type of garment.

There are plenty of other options for training and gameday gear that don't use compression technology if that just isn't your thing. Athletic apparel is now intensely researched, developed, and perfected by numerous companies because every tiny detail can make a difference in a game won by inches. With moisture-wicking, super-lightweight, and stretch fabrics, brands like Under Armour help Sports Unlimited and its athletes to go beyond expectations. Other benefits of this kind of clothing can be anti-odor technologies and strategically placed ventilated areas that help air to flow more easily.

These benefits aren't just limited to shirts and shorts, but also can be found in socks and head-wear. It's easy to overlook the gear you wear under your pads, but once you try athletic apparel specific to football, you'll know the benefits and will never look back.


Football Training and Gameday Apparel

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