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Frisbees / Frisbee Golf

Sports Unlimited is your source for all Frisbees and disc golf discs. From Wham-O's original Frisbee discs, to Aerobie discs, and dog discs, we've got the disc to meet your need. Shop a wide variety of colors and weighted Frisbees. If your interested in long distance throws, check out Frisbees from 140 to 200 grams. A 110 to 130g disc will work for a toss in the backyard or a game of frisbee golf. The disc golf discs are specifically designed for players looking to get the most of their shots on a disc golf course. A normal disc golf set will have three different weighted discs for specific throws. A driver disc for your initial toss off of the tee, a mid range disc for your approach shot to the target, and a putter to finish the job at the target.

How to Throw a Frisbee Disc:

There is no one right way to throw a Frisbee. Here are some different techniques on how to throw. Test each one out and find the most comfortable way for you.

Gripping the Frisbee: Hold with the the thumb on top and the index finger just under the rim. The middle finger should be extended toward the center of the bottom with the fourth and little finger curled back against the rim.

Curve it: Tilt the disc in the direction of the desired curve. Throw in a relaxed manner.

Sidearm it: Hold the disc with two fingers on the underside, thumb on top and wrist cocked backward. Swing arm downward at about a 30 degree angle to body. Keep leading edge of the disc tilted down. Use wrist snap to throw the disc forward. This is an advanced throw that will take practice.

Skip it: This requires a hard surface to toss off of. Start with the same motion as a curve throw. The disc should hit the ground on the forward edge about halfway to the target and skip up to the catcher.

Backhand it: Grip the disc with thumb underneath disc and fingers on top, with wrist cocked backward. Throw keeping arm straight and near shoulder level. Snap wrist forward at point of release.

Overhand it: Your thumb on top. Stand sideways toward the target. Reach back across the front of your body, then swing your arm forward, releasing the disc toward the target. Tilt the outside edge of the disc down for backswing and release.


Frisbees / Frisbee Golf