Choosing figure skates for your daughter, niece, or other young girl can seem intimidating. There is a huge variety of skates available, but there are a couple main things to consider to make your selection process a little easier?

What is her skill level? For beginners, be sure to pick a skate with a boot and blade specifically designed for beginning skaters that offer more support support and padding and a forgiving blade that promotes easy balancing. Some girls figure skates feature a double blade on the bottom. Having two blades parallel to each other increases the area that the skate is in contact with the ice and decreases the risk of ankles rolling in either direction. Little ones need to be comfortable and supported in order to learn the fundamentals of figure skating. For advanced skaters, the blade of the skate becomes more important. Take both the blade and boot style into account for intermediate and advanced skaters.

What is your budget? Typically, less expensive skates are for beginners and are designed for comfort and stability. They may have soft boots with different colors or patterns on the boot. The skate price increased as the technicality of the boot and blade increase. More expensive figure skates are generally solid white leather with a wooden sole and a metal blade.