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Soccer Goalie Gloves

Some spectacular goals are saved by diving outstretched keepers who put their body on the line. These leaps of courage often allow a goalie to deflect a ball just an inch in one direct. A pair of great goalie gloves help make sure those inches are the favorable kind. With modern technology in the palm, back of hand, wrist, and inside of the glove, brands like Reusch, Uhlsport, Rinat, HO, and Brine create some of the best gloves in the world that rank from youth players all the way to the Premier League. See what one the worlds best keepers, Hugo Lloris has chosen for his goalie gloves

Goalies are the secret service of the soccer world. When someone takes a powerful shot at the goal, they don't dodge it, don't get out of the way. They throw themselves in front of it without hesitation. But when you throw your hands out and go to stop a soccer ball coming at you at 60, 70, or ever 100 mph, you can end up with some serious bruises and injuries...if you don't protect yourself first. That's why Sports Unlimited stocks the best in finger-protecting soccer goalie gloves, to wrap you hands in technologically advanced safety, durability, and comfort.

Hyperextension of the fingers happens to goalies young and old all the time, and is caused when they put their hands out to stop an incoming shot, and the brunt of the force is taken by their fingers. At such high shot speeds, soccer balls can cause the fingers to bend backwards, causing ligaments, muscles, and tendons to sprain, tear, or bruise. Even with durable gloves on, goalies can still severely damage their hands and fingers, keeping them on the sidelines for weeks or months. To really protect your fingers, you need goalie gloves specially designed to prevent hyperextension.

Goalkeeper gloves come in many different styles to meet different demands. From training gloves and match gloves, to wet-weather gloves or gloves with additional finger protection to prevent hyperextension. This info can be found in the features and specs of each glove, but if you want to learn more about what goalie glove is right for you, check out our Goalie Glove Buyer's Guide. Our huge selection of goalkeeping gloves allows you to discover a wide range of styles and designs because, as they say, goalkeeping is all about confidence and when you've got your best pair of gloves on with the belief that the ball doesn't get past you, you're ready to win the game.

Goalie Gloves

Soccer Goalie Gloves