At Sports Unlimited we take our sports seriously and when it come to basketball hoops for your gym, we sell nothing but top quality hoops. These gymanasium hoops are all adjustable which make them great for all ages of play. If you're an athletic director or coach for your school, the paster at your church or just the person tasked with researching for a new hoop, our basketball experts can assist you in getting the perfect system for your organization. These hoops work well in other areas too. Maybe your warehouse at work or your barn at home.

We carry hoops in this category from Bison Sports and First Team. Bison has been selling basketball systems since 1985. They have a full line of basketball and volleyball systems in their 100,000 square foot warehouse in Lincoln, Nebraska. First Team has been selling basketball hoops since 1996. All of their hoops are made with pride in the USA in their Hutchinson, Kansas facility.

All of these adjustable gym hoops are made with quality, safety and durability in mind. They are easily adjustable either by use of a hand crank or a quick change adjustment where your use a broom handle to adjust the height of the hoop. You can choose your type of backboard material as well as the size of the backboard. We offer backboards that range from 36" x 48" inches up to 42" x 72". There are also different options for mounting your system to the wall. Compare the Adjustable system with the rest of Sports Unlimited's Gymnasium Hoop selection.

Please call 1-800-693-6368 and one of our basketball experts will assist you.

Q & A
By rick ratzloff from farmington hills, mi on April 14, 2015
how do raise and lower the basketball hoop?
By Customer Service on April 15, 2015

Most of the wall mounted basketball hoops we offer are adjusted using a hand crank system. A few have a "quick change" mechanism where you can use a broom handle to quickly change the height of the hoop. The mechanism for each individual hoop will be listed on the product page.