Developing hand strength is useful no matter what situation you are in. You don't want to crush someone's hand when you shake it at an introduction, but with the grip strength built from a hand gripper, you might feel powerful enough to do so. The muscles of the forearm and hand are used in everyday life as well as fitness and athletic activities. A simple and small machine, grip strengtheners are the best way to strengthen and tone your forearms.

Some of the more common uses for these grip strengtheners are for wrestling, rock climbing, gymnastics, and baseball. In baseball, a firm grip on the bat and stronger forearms let you knock the ball out of the park. In gymnastics and rock climbing, athletes frequently support their entire body weight using their hands. Building muscles in your hands and forearms can come in handy for musicians as well.

Some people use hand grippers as recovery tools for injuries and some people simply want to improve their grip strength. Hand strengtheners come in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and intensities. Lighter hand grip strengtheners can be used for post-operation recovery as well as physical and occupational therapy as directed by a doctor. Harder hand grip strengtheners can be used to increase your forearm and grip strength to improve your athletic performance.