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Lacrosse Heads

If you're serious about lacrosse, a standard stick isn't going to cut it.

You want a stick customized to your game and to do that you're going to want the pieces suited to you.

That's where we come in.

Sports Unlimited has a broad selection of lacrosse heads bound to help you perform your best when it counts. That includes heads from STX, Warrior and Brine that are ideal for your game whether you're in high school, college or a weekend league. The right lacrosse head can help you fine-tune your game to give you the edge you need on your opposition.

Lacrosse heads come strung or unstrung, so you have the ability to customize the pocket to your own liking or choose colors to match your team.

Stiffness and flexibility are two key points to consider when choosing your lacrosse head. These factors are determined by the sidewalls, which give the head its shape and depth. Are you a hard checking defender who doesn't think you're getting enough out of your current head? Then a stiffer head may be for you. If you're a master of the ground ball, swiftly scooping and getting the ball to your attackers, you may want to consider a head with more flexibility. Attackers generally choose lightweight heads with a larger scoop and more flexibility for more accuracy on shots.

Scoop refers to the top part of the head which will help you pull balls off the ground. The scoop is measured in width and drop, with drop referring to the dip in the center. The greater the drop, the more accuracy you'll have on shots and passes. Flatter scoops are more efficient at picking up ground balls.

Your lacrosse game is like no one else's so why should your equipment be any different? No one knows your strengths better than you, but no one knows lacrosse sticks like Sports Unlimited. The choice is up to you, but know that whichever option you choose we've got you covered.


Lacrosse Heads