Left Handed Baseball Gloves & Softball Gloves

Your baseball glove is the most important weapon in your arsenal. It's there for you through every phase of your game, from your first time playing catch in the yard, to snagging a line drive in the championship game. Without a great glove, a ball player is nothing. It's an extension of your game, your skills, and your style. It molds itself to your hand and the ball, connecting you like nothing else to the greatest game on the planet. But why in the world is it so darn hard to find a great glove for us lefties?

Unfortunately, the world we live in, especially the sports world, is designed for the righties. Want to play golf? Good luck finding a set of left hand clubs. Into field hockey? They don't even make sticks for us! Trying to cut a piece of paper? Better learn to cut straight with righty scissors buck-o. The world just isn't left-hand friendly, and baseball and softball are no exceptions. From youth to the pros, every left handed player has had the same experience buying a new glove. They go into a sporting goods store and start trying on new gloves, only to find that in the scores of leathery, new, and beautiful gloves, they only have three that are left handed...and you leave empty handed, cursing the person who made you a lefty. Well, Sports Unlimited (as a company of both left and right handed players) feels your pain. That's why we stock a huge collection of left handed softball and baseball gloves, and keep them all located in one easy-to-navigate section. Find exactly what you need for your game, without worry, regret, or shame. Then say it loud; "I'm a lefty and I'm proud!"

For every position, every league, skill level, and budget, Sports Unlimited has the perfect left handed glove for you. We carry an immense collection of left handed gloves from all of the best companies on the diamond today, with leftie versions of almost every glove series we have in stock. With full selections of the latest and greatest innovative softball and baseball gloves from Wilson, Worth, Rawlings, Mizuno, Nike, and Easton, in every size for every player, you can be sure, no matter what level you're playing at, you'll end up with an incredibly durable and high quality glove that will last season after season.

Rejoice left handers! Everything you need for an incredible carrier in the field is all right here at Sports Unlimited. Browse our huge selection and find exactly what you're looking for. And make sure to come back when you need baseball gloves for your little left handers.

Left Handed

Left Handed Baseball Gloves & Softball Gloves

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