Medicine balls are a staple at physical therapy and professional sports teams' facilities. With so many different workouts and muscle groups that can be strengthened through medicine ball training, you will never run out of beneficial ways to use medicine balls from Nike, Everlast, and other brands. Some of these incrementally weighted workout accessories have handles that can be used in different ways than a traditional medicine ball. These handles allow you to easily grip the ball with one or both hands. Some of the most effective training methods with medicine balls is tossing and catching against a wall or with a partner, but remember to maintain proper form to help prevent injury. Any workout equipment used with bad technique or improper form can be dangerous and medicine balls are no exception. Follow an instructors directions or find explanatory videos online. An effective way to judge your form is having a partner give you tips or record a video of yourself so you can analyze each movement and improve to the point where you are perfect in your technique.