Baseball pants not only add to the style of your uniform, but they are quite functional. You are rounding third base, the cutoff man catches the throw from the outfielder and the race is on. As you slide into home plate, the catcher catches the ball. The Umpire makes the call. You are safe! And thanks to the reinforced knees on your pants, your knees are scrape free. See what we meant when we said style and function?

We partner with A4, Augusta, Alleson, Under Armour, Majestic and Holloway in order to offer you quality baseball pants in a variety of different styles. They types of pants include elastic bottom, baggy cut open bottom, knicker, pinstripe, and piped. Elastic bottom are a straight leg pant that are gathered at the bottom. Open bottom pants do not have elastic at the bottom of the pant and typically have a more relaxed fit. Knickers are knee length pants that have their origins in early baseball and are quite popular today. We also offer these styles with piping and pinstripes.

Whether you are playing co-ed softball, in a corporate league, or men's baseball or softball, we have the pants to get you in the game. Call our experienced staff to place your order today at 866-286-9772 or email us at