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Men's Baseball / Softball Sliding Shorts & Knee Sliding Pads

Sports Unlimited is committed to giving you everything you need for your favorite game. We deck you head to toe in the highest quality, most affordable performance baseball wear, with top-quality baseball equipment, to give you the edge over the competition at every front. That's why we don't stop at great baseball gloves, bats, helmets, catcher's gear, or even jerseys. We have it all, including a great selection of men's baseball sliding shorts and pants.

Specially designed to protect your hips, legs, knees, and behind when you're sliding into second in the dirt, diving for a pop fly in the field, or lunging for a line drive at the base line, these incredibly durable, tough, and comfortable compression shorts are perfect to wear underneath your baseball pants. Made with strong compression material, these sliding shorts give you the padding you want when you're hitting the dirt, and the breathability and moisture management you need to play strong through the hot spring and summer days. Built and designed specifically for a man's body, our selection of sliding shorts from Nike, Under Armour, Bike, WSI, and McDavid, will fit you like a glove and hold up season after season.