Oakley Snow Goggles Buyers Guide

Oakley is known the world over for providing riders, sliders, and thrill finders with sick styles and uncompromising performance. Their logo can be found everywhere from the highest waves on the hottest beaches, to the craziest runs on the coldest mountain sides, and trust me...they've earned their reputation and success.

Innovative, inventive, industry-leading, and intelligent technology drenched in slick, edgy, and sometimes just plain wild styles; Oakley Ski Goggles are top dog on the mountain. And whether you're Shaun White or not quite, Oakley's got the perfect ski goggle to fit your face, your look, and your budget.

Why should I use ski goggles?

Whether you're skiing or snowboarding, carving up a run gives you that feeling of freedom, exhilaration, and invincibility that we thrill seekers crave every moment of the day. But let's be honest, you're not invincible...or infallible. You wear insulated winter jackets on the mountain to keep the cold out. You wear winter gloves to keep your fingers and hands warm and loose. You wear waterproof snow pants to keep you dry and comfortable. Maybe you wear a helmet to protect the old noggin. But what about protecting your eyes from the snow, ice, and wind whipping at your face at 50 mph as you fly down a run?

Protection for your eyes is probably the most compelling reason to wear ski goggles. Even when conditions are mild, and wind and snow is light, when you take off down the run, those mild conditions speed up around you. Flying ice and snowflakes bouncing off your eyes can hurt, not to mention block your vision, ruining your run and probably your day. If you've ever tried to board or ski on snowy or icy days...you know what I'm talking about.

Visual clarity is secondary to protection, but almost as important. A great pair of goggles will keep your vision clear, and help block out all that glare powder creates. With clear vision, you can focus on your form and that noob in front of you, instead of blinking out glary light. If you ski or snowboard at night, goggles will help filter out mid-range light for improved vision, and on those sunny days, forget about it...dark tinted goggles are definitely a necessity. Different goggles and lenses offer different visual ranges, light transmissions, and benefits in varying light conditions, so read on to learn more about visual clarity.

Do Oakley ski goggles fog up?

Fog is your central nemesis when wearing ski goggles, and can be the determining factor between a great pair of goggles and a cruddy pair. When heat and moisture build up in your goggles, while it is cold outside, condensation or fog is created on the lens. Fog blurs and obscures your vision, and basically ruins any benefits the goggles could offer. Thankfully, Oakley has studied the enemy for years, and has loaded their entire line of ski goggles with fog-killing technology that circulates air and prevents fog build-up, keeping your vision clear and crisp.

What are the main features and technologies of Oakley Ski Goggles?

Oakley ski goggles are chock full of the latest and greatest technologies and features to give you the most comfortable feel, secure fit, versatile performance, and visual clarity possible. Their mad scientists and team of athletes test, design, and re-test every development and advancement that goes into their goggles...and everything you'll find in their lines performs flawlessly.

Oakley Frame Technology:
O Matter Frame Material

Oakley's proprietary frame and chassis material, O Matter is an incredibly durable, yet flexible material that holds up to all kinds of abuse. Used in goggles and sunglasses, O Matter delivers just the right amount of flexibility to fit comfortably on your face, while still providing the structure you need to keep the lens in place. It also does not lose any flexibility in freezing conditions.

Urethane Frame Material

Urethane is a lightweight frame material that flexes and conforms to the contours of the face for a unique and comfortable fit and seal. Its design keeps it flexible even in extremely cold temperatures.

Triple Layer Fleece Foam

Moisture wicking and incredibly comfortable, Oakley ski goggles feature a triple-layer fleece foam seal to keep out the cold and keep you dry. The fit is so comfortable, you'll never want to take them off.

Internal Skeletal Support System

Built into the frame and chassis of many Oakley ski goggles, an internal skeletal support system improves the structure of the goggle and reduces pressure on the nose. Its design also helps to maximize airflow to improve comfort and reduce fog.

Articulating O Matter Outriggers

Strap clips designed to create a balanced fit and improve helmet compatibility, Outriggers work with or without a helmet. When not wearing a helmet, the outriggers create a complete seal across the face by evenly transferring pressure against the nose and brow. If you wear a helmet, the outriggers articulate, so the frame fits into the helmet face, for a balanced, comfortable fit. Made of O Matter material, these outriggers are strong and flexible, for versatile performance.

Surge Ports

Built into the frame, surge ports control airflow through the goggles and vent hot air, to reduce fogging and condensation build up.

O Matter Strap

An adjustable O Matter strap holds up to abuse and fits comfortably around the head or a helmet. With a silicone backing, the strap has a no-slip grip, so it stays put wherever you leave it.

Interchangeable Lens System

Oakley ski goggles allow you to swap out different lenses to suit changing weather and light conditions. Look for the new "Switchlock" technology in the latest Oakley snow goggles, that makes lens changing faster and easier than ever!

Anatomical Fit

Developed with 3-D CAD/CAM engineering, each Oakley ski goggle delivers a truly anatomically correct fit that feels incredibly comfortable while maintaining a continuous seal around the face. The fit also helps to wick moisture from the skin, keeping sweat out of your eyes.

Oakley Lens Technology:
Plutonite Lens Material

Oakley's proprietary lens material, Plutonite is a polycarbonate material that delivers maximum impact resistance. It blocks 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC radiation and harmful blue light, while providing ultimate clarity and light tuning.

Lexan Lens Material

Optically pure LEXAN blocks out 100% of UV radiation and provides incredible impact protection. It is also highly scratch resistant, for durable, long-lasting performance.

Dual Vented Lens

A dual lens design is a must-have in modern ski and snow goggles. The design uses two lenses, with a completely sealed thermal pocket or air space between them, to prevent the build up of fog on the lens. Oakley uses optically corrected dual lenses to ensure fog control and optimal visual clarity and accuracy. Please note though, if the seal is broken and the trapped air escapes in your dual lens, the lens becomes useless and should be replaced.

Anti-Fog Treatment

Oakley ski goggles are treated with an F2 or F3 anti-fog coating on the inside of the lens that prevents the build-up of fog on the lens. This coating is permanent.

Oakley High Definition Optics (HDO)

What Oakley is known the world over for. HDO lenses deliver the highest clarity, and crisp vision you truly have to see to believe! Optical performance and accuracy that is unmatched in the industry, HDO lenses filter 100% UV radiation and are ANSI tested for impact resistance.

What are the differences between goggle lens colors and tints?

Each Oakley ski goggle comes in a variety of colored frames, and each frame can be fitted with almost any color and tint of lens. All Oakley lenses offer unparalleled visual clarity and protection, but certain colors and designs are better fitted for certain conditions than others. Generally:

  • Lighter colored lenses are optimal in darker conditions, like night skiing, or snow, cloudy, or foggy conditions.
  • Darker colored lenses are optimal in brighter conditions, like sunny days, or icy conditions when there is a lot of light reflection.

Check out all of the lens options Oakley offers to find the ones which best suit conditions on the mountain. And remember, most Oakley snow goggles have interchangeable lens systems, so it never hurts to have more than one lens on you.

What are the differences between the Oakley ski goggles you carry?

Sports Unlimited carries a huge variety of Oakley goggles to give you the best of all worlds, styles, and price ranges. Each goggle offers advanced technology and designs, plus plenty of color and lens options! Learn more about some of our most popular lines of Oakley ski goggles to find your favorite.

Oakley Crowbar Ski Goggles
  • Technologically advanced, high-performance snow goggle
  • Extended lens size and curvature opens peripheral and downward view
  • F3 Anti-Fog treated ballistic lens
  • Built and designed to fit medium size faces
  • Starting at $110
Oakley Splice Ski Goggles
  • Maximum, unbelievable comfort with a unique frame architecture
  • Internal skeletal system reduces nasal pressure
  • Fast, efficient interchangeable lens design
  • Built and designed to fit medium to large size faces
  • Starting at $120
Oakley A Frame Ski Goggles
  • 3 layers of fog killing technology
  • Comfortable fit with moisture wicking triple-layer polar fleece foam
  • Flexible, durable O Matter frame\
  • Built and designed to fit medium size faces
  • Starting at $100
Oakley Stockholm Women's Ski Goggles
  • Completely re-designed frame geometry
  • Built to fit the female face more comfortably than any other snow goggle
  • F3 Anti-Fog treated ballistic lens
  • True metal icon accents
  • Starting at $100
Oakley E Frame Ski Goggles
  • Affordable, comfortable, and advanced ski goggles
  • Flexible, durable Urethane frame
  • Lens venting prevents fog build-up
  • Dual lens design
  • Starting at $39