More people today are standing up and giving paddle boarding a try than ever before. Combining aspects of surfing, canoeing, and kayaking, paddleboards have become the newest way to cruise your favorite waterway. First developed in the 1930’s in Hawaii, stand up paddleboarding or SUP has been around for almost a century. But recently, has seen a significant rise in popularity. What has attributed to the increased participation is the variety of ways in which you can use a paddle board.

Whether you want to cruise along the lake, race in the ocean, or surf on some waves, a paddle board is the all you need. You can find a board that is specifically designed for a particular use, or a utility board that works in any situation. Stand up boards developed for surfing are often smaller and more maneuverable in the waves, while a racing paddle board will be long and narrow to easily cut through the water. Paddle boards used in calmer water like lakes, rivers, or the intercostal will typically be larger in length and width, making them ideal for any experience level. You can challenge your balance and use them for paddle board yoga, or take your four legged friend for a ride.

This new water sport has been made even more accessible with the development of inflatable paddle boards. Blow up paddle boards allow you the take them anywhere you want, without the inconvenience of lugging around a 12 foot board. Add a whole new activity to your plans on the next camping or beach trip. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned surfer, or just getting your feet wet, a stand up paddle board from Sports Unlimited is a great way to enjoy the water.