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Poker Chips, Poker Sets & Casino Accessories

It's time to shuffle up and deal!

Let's be honest here. You're home poker games on that old fold-out plastic table, with your dollar store chip set just isn't cutting it for your buddies these days. It's time to upgrade and finally play the world's classiest game in style! With a few minor changes you can turn your regular hold 'em game on Thursdays into Saturday night at the Bellagio...without the plane ticket to Vegas.

Play like the pros, or at least look like one, when you deal out your cards across a real felt pocket table, complete with cup holders for your favorite drinks! You can ever turn any of your tables into a Vegas-style card table with a professional felt poker table top. And don't forget to upgrade those old chips. After all, you can't perform sweet chip tricks with thin plastic chips. Try doing the chip shuffle or chip bounce with professional grade poker chips, and pretty soon you'll look like Daniel Negreanu or Chris MoneyMaker to your buddies.

There's nothing like playing a great game of poker with your friends, right in the comfort of your own home. So why not class it up a notch and bring some of that Vegas style into your home games. With a real poker table and professional chip sets, you can play like never before. You'll feel the difference in the first deal...and your friends won't even mind losing their money to you anymore!