Protective Soccer Apparel

What do you think of when you hear ""Protective Soccer Apparel""? Shin guards? That is probably the answer most people would give. In the past, shin guards have been the only protective equipment worn by soccer players. Goalies were a little more fortunate and some wore clothing with padding on the knees and elbows for extra protection during diving saves. But what about everyone else? Soccer isn't exactly a no-contact sport. The field of protective apparel is greatly expanding as more and more research is done documenting the traumatic effects of repetitive injury.

First came goalie headgear. Anyone who watches soccer on TV has winced at least once as a goalie dives for a save and their head comes dangerously close to the goal frame. Goalie headwear now includes a selection of soft-sided helmets and ""halo-style"" headbands specifically designed with padding in crucial areas.

Protective goalie apparel has expanded from simple padding on the knees and elbows of your uniform to a full line of padded base layer pieces. Different styles are available for goalkeepers and field players, catering to their specific needs without limiting their performance. Anything you could want is available. Shorts feature specific designs for men and women and differentiate between the heavier padded goalkeeper pants and the lighter, more agile sliding shorts. Shirts are available in long sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, and even sleeveless styles to suit your preferences as well as your playing environment.

Protective Apparel

Protective Soccer Apparel

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