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Baseball Protective Gear / Softball Protective Gear

When you play the game hard and you play the game often, you're sure to get your fair share of bumps and bruises. At Sports Unlimited we carry all types of baseball protective gear to keep you from getting hurt or to get you back on the field quickly after sustaining an injury. We want you to play safe and play with confidence!

If you're a parent of a baseball player that pitches you want to make sure your child's sternum is protected. We offer a selection of sternum / heart protectors that are very lightweight and will assist in protecting the sternum from harsh impacts. This little piece of padding can save your child from a lot of pain and discomfort. It's also great to use for any other impact sport.

For batters Sports Unlimited offers wrist guards, elbow guards, leg guards and ankle guards to give you all the confidence you need at the plate. Once you get hit on the arm or leg one of these guards can protect you from making the injury worse. Bone bruises take a long time to heal and these guards can get you back in the game quickly.

We didn't forget about those fastpitch softball players either. We have a variety of different fielding masks for adult and youth players that are specifically designed for fastpitch play. The game is fast and sometimes you need that extra protection when you can't react quick enough to a bad hop or a line drive up the middle. These masks are fully adjustable to give you a customized fit.

Protective Gear

Baseball Protective Gear / Softball Protective Gear