Reusch Goalkeeper Equipment

Reusch designs all of its equipment and apparel with the soccer goalie in mind. From gloves to jerseys to padded shorts, Reusch ensures it's gear keeps you protected and performing at your best.

Reusch soccer gloves feature one of three different cuts: Special Surround, Expanse or Surround. The Special Surround cut offers the largest possible catching area because the palm material runs completely around the finger sides, eliminating seams within in the finger zones. The Expanse Cut features outer seams that enlarge the inner surface of the palm so the area of touching the ball is increased and catching is made easier. With the Surround Cut, all the seams are located inside the glove, making the fit tighter and the ball control higher.

Ortho-Tec vs Finger Support Gloves: Reusch's Ortho-Tec technology features individually removable sticks for each finger to provide customized support that adapts to the shape of your finger. It prevents fingers from bending backwards into the injury zone. Reusch's Finger Support on the other hand is a light version of their finger protection technology. It increases finger stabilization and is found in Reusch's entry level gloves.

All of Reusch's equipment and apparel feature a Moisture Management System to wick sweat away and keep you cool. Their goalie shorts and pants feature ergonomic padding to cushion impacts. With Reusch goalie equipment and apparel, you can dive for that next save with confidence!


Reusch Goalkeeper Equipment

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