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Rowing Machines & Equipment

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Good - Good rowing machines use typically use pneumatic pistons for rowing resistance.  This design makes for a much more compact rowing machine that is easier to store under a bed or in a closet.  Air pistons provide a great value for people looking to gain the benefits of a rowing machine workout without costing as much as higher end options.

Better - A Better rowing machine will often feature water or magnetic resistance which offers a much more customizable workout and a more realistic rowing feel.  These larger rowing machines are more ergonomic and generally more comfortable to use for extended periods.  Another benefit is the decrease in noise while using the machine, allowing you to hear the radio or television.

Best - The Best rowing machines offer a wider range of resistance levels that allow you to increase the intensity of your workout on the fly.  The water or magnetic resistance system runs smoothly and quietly to give you and effective and more comfortable workout.  The Best rowers often come with electronic monitors to keep you on track during your workout.

Exercising on a rowing machine is an excellent, low-impact, full body workout. We have a great selection of rowing machines on sale that will allow you to keep in shape while simulating rowing no matter the weather conditions outside. A rower builds strength and endurance, for a truly unique and excellent workout!

Rowing Machines

Rowing Machines & Equipment