Running & Walking Socks

Running shoes...check. Lightweight running jacket...check.  Running socks...wait, running socks?

I don't mean to shock you, but for those of you who run out there, you should be wearing appropriate running socks. I will let that sink in for a minute...

Yes, you should wear running socks while you run. Why, do you ask? It's quite simple; running socks are constructed with high performing materials for added durability and protection while you run. Protection from what? Blisters, mainly. They do so by using moisture wicking materials that keep the feet dry, reducing friction between the foot and the sock. This is unlike 10% cotton socks, which absorb moisture, resulting in dreaded blisters.

When you run, you exert high levels of pressure onto your feet, and running socks provide additional cushioning to your feet. This, combined with proper running shoes, will help prevent painful injuries.