Schutt Vengeance A3+ vs. Riddell Victor-i Helmet Comparison

Similar in price point and protection, the Schutt Vengeance A3+ and the Riddell Victor-i are both great youth football helmets for any player. Made from the top to helmet makers in the industry, both helmets have the look and feel of a high-priced helmet in a package that's great for younger players.

The biggest thing to keep in mind with both of these helmets is that they feature inflatable liners, giving you a more custom fit. (For a comparison of the non-inflatable versions, click here.) The inflation allows the helmets to conform to a wider variety of head shapes and fit tighter to the head, limiting the amount of movement during impacts. That's particularly important in the youth game with players that have a wide range of head sizes and shapes, which makes either one of these helmets great for a team.

The inflation points are slightly different on the helmets though. The Vengeance A3+ has an inflatable SUREFIT liner that's used in many Schutt helmets. It inflates in the back of the crown and the rear of the helmet, giving you two ways to adjust your protection. The rest of the helmet is packed with TPU to give you consistent protection across a wide range of temperatures. The helmet also includes standard 1" Inter-Link jaw pads that fit securely to your helmet.

The Victor-i has three inflation points, with two of those being the inflatable jaw pads. It also includes an inflatable rear liner that sits between the padding and the shell. The helmet contains standard foam padding throughout with an overliner to protect it from getting affected by sweat that builds up during the season.

For many people, the biggest factor to consider with youth helmets is weight, and the Victor-i has a slight edge there, checking in at 2.2 lbs without a facemask. The Vengeance A3+ is a little heavier at 2.65 lbs, but still very light for a youth helmet.

As far as look, both helmets have a pro level feel to them. The Vengeance A3+ uses a lower profile Vengeance shell that gives the players less of a 'bobble-head' look. The lower profile shell has been met with plenty of positive feedback, as players prefer the sleeker look. The Victor-i also uses a highly recognizable shell - the same as the Revo Speed - with plenty of vent holes and a great look.

Both helmets offer trusted protection at a great price for a youth helmet. The choice comes down to a personal preference of Schutt or Riddell, but both inflatable models give you more control of the fit, making them a slightly better choice. As with any football helmet, the best-fitting model is the best for your player.