Schutt Vengeance A3 vs. Riddell Victor Youth Helmet Comparison

Two of our most popular youth helmet are undoubtedly the Schutt Vengeance A3 and the Riddell Victor. Chosen for their professional look and strong value, either football helmet would make a great choice for a youth player.

An important thing to note about these helmets is that neither are inflatable. (Both versions do come with inflatable models, and to read more about them, click here.) That means it's important to consult the size chart before purchasing. Players want a helmet that fits their head the best to ensure the highest level of safety and performance.

The biggest difference in the helmets comes in the padding. The Vengeance A3 uses a combination of single and double layer TPU inside the shell. The TPU, in both black and green, gives the helmet a very distinctive look, but also offers protection against high and low impact its. TPU is also preferred by Schutt as it performs more consistently over a wider range of temperatures than traditional foam.

Riddell, on the other hand, uses the tradition foam padding in most of their helmets, including the Victor. It features a fitted liner over the foam, giving it a more comfortable fit with some additional impact support. It does get a boost in custom fitting thanks to inflatable jaw pads that fit tightly to your face.

For many people, the biggest factor to consider with youth helmets is weight, and the Victor is slightly lighter, tipping the scales at 2.05 lbs without a facemask. The Vengeance A3 is slightly heavier at 2.5 lbs, but still very light for a youth helmet.

As far as look, both helmets have a pro level feel to them. The Vengeance A3 uses a lower profile Vengeance shell that gives the players less of a "bobble-head" look. The lower profile shell has been met with plenty of positive feedback, as players prefer the sleeker look. The Victor also uses a highly recognizable shell - the same as the Revo Speed - with plenty of vent holes and a great look.

For youth helmets, both the Victor and the Vengeance A3 are exceptional choices. While they don't have the customization of the inflatable models, they still offer trusted protection from the top two helmet makers in the game. The pro look, coupled with many facemask options and ample padding make them two of the most popular youth helmets available.