Lighter in weight and materials used, youth football helmets are not built the same as their adult counterparts. Schutt extended that thinking to all facets of headgear, creating youth flex facemasks specifically built to fit their youth helmets.

These facemasks may look similar to the ones found on adult helmets, but there are several difference that make them a better choice for younger players. To start, youth flex facemasks are shorter than traditional adult versions, meaning less weight and a better fit on the helmet. They also don't extend as far past the shell, decreasing the risk of opponents hands getting inside the cage and poking the face or eyes.

Like Schutt's adult facemasks, youth flex facemasks come in models built to specific helmets so check carefully to make sure you're getting a facemask that matches your helmet. No matter the type of helmet, if you have a size XL, you will need to select an XL facemask. The Schutt Recruit line and DNA Pro Plus are compatible with the DNA Youth Flex facemasks, while AiR XP and the AiR Standard use Super Pro Youth Flex facemasks. The Vengeance also has it's own of facemasks for younger players.

With several varieties of bar configurations and different looks for different positions, a new youth flex facemask from Sports Unlimited can get you on top of your game this season.

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