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Shock Doctor Mouthguards

Shock Doctor has long been an authority in the mouthguard industry. Shock Doctor has branched out from the original mouthguard to provide superior protection in a number of basic as well as specialized designs.

The vast majority of Shock Doctor mouthguards are moldable mouthguards. This means that you go through a process using warm and cool water and the bite of the wearer to custom-mold the mouthguard to their specifications. Moldable mouthguards are available in single (top or bottom only) and double (top and bottom) styles. Always follow the directions included with your mouthguard when molding to avoid injury or damage. Non-moldable mouthguards come in single and double styles as well. These models are used for wearers with braces, as you cannot mold the mouthguard to the braces.

Mouthguards can be strapped, strapless, or convertible. Strapped Shock Doctor mouthguards have an additional piece of plastic built onto the front of the mouthguard where the strap attaches. Shock Doctor straps are all removable and release in the event of excessive force being placed on the strap. Strapless mouthguards are the same as strapped mouthguards, but do not have the additional plastic piece and strap. Convertible mouthguards have the appearance of a strapless mouthguard and ca be used as such, but also have a small extension below the front, top center teeth with a small hole in it. A removable strap can be inserted into this hole to use the mouthguard as strapped. The advantage of convertible mouthguards is that you can use them for multiple sports and change the style depending on your preferences for having your mouthguard attached you your helmet or not. Shock Doctor also manufactures basketball-specific mouthguards, flavored mouthguards, youth mouthguards and mouthguards with lip protection for athletes looking for something a little out of the ordinary.