Quality, strength, precision, and a stylish edge. That's what you get from Smith Optics, every time, no exceptions. Whether you're looking for a new pair of slick sunglasses for the beach this summer, or in need of something sportier for the field, you can rely on Smith Optics to deliver a perfect mix of durable materials, incredible visual clarity, and a style as unique as you are.

For over 40 years, Smith Optics has taken the world of outdoor adventuring by storm, creating incredibly tough and versatile sunglasses for every condition, situation, and personal style out there. With innovations across the map, they have truly proven their mastery of the visual protection art.

Smith Optics' laundry list of technologies and innovations continues to push the envelope and change the way we see and are seen. From advanced lens materials to unmatched frame versatility, Smith has every market cornered. Check out all of their advancements in sunglasses and eye wear, to find the best fit for you:

  • Tapered Lens Technology (TLT) - By tapering the lens of the sunglass from the center of the lens to the outer edge, TLT corrects visual distortion, delivering light wave straight to the eye. TLT completely removed visual distortion and provides complete visual clarity.

  • Techlite Lens Material - Polarized glass lenses that provide clarity, optical precision, and comfort in a thin lens 20% lighter than standard lenses. Optically corrected using Tapered Lens Technology, each techlite lens features a multi-layer Anti-Reflective mirror coating to absorb back light effects, and a protective coating the repels water, dirt, fingerprints, and grease.

  • Carbonic Lens Material - Incredibly impact resistant lens material, polarized to provide optimal value and glare reduction.

  • Carbonic TLT Lens Material - The most impact-resistant lens material in the world, Carbonic TLT sunglass lenses come in polarized and non-polarized forms, and are optically corrected to maximize visual clarity and object identification.

  • CR39 Lens Material - Lightweight, advanced polymer lens material that is both abrasion and scratch resistant. Featuring optimal clarity, CR39 lenses sport interesting colorations and gradients to fit any style.

  • PivLock - An interchangeable lens system that provides an unobstructed view, minimal frame weight and incredibly secure fit. Removable temples and nosepiece make changing lenses easier than with other sunglasses.

  • Interlock - Full-frame interchangeable lens system that allows you to twist off, and easily replace the entire lens frame of your sunglasses for a completely customizable look and fit. The system reduces stress on replaceable lenses and improves clarity based on conditions.

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