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Girls Softball Helmets

Girls softball helmets are very similar to if not identical to baseball helmets, except that softball batting helmets utilize a facemask that protects batters from pitches and foul balls to the face. These masks are only built to protect against 12" and larger softballs, so be careful, don't expect a softball mask to protect against baseballs! Finding the right softball helmet with face mask comes down to design preference, padding type, color, and face mask design. All of these aspects of a helmet are important when considering what to get. Some helmets utilize advanced ventilation systems to keep your head cool no matter what. Having a successful plate appearance requires you to be healthy, comfortable, and confident at the plate. Women's softball helmets will help you achieve all of those.

Sports Unlimited stocks some of the best softball gear brands in the world like Worth, Easton, and Mizuno and softball helmets are one of the most important pieces of that broad term 'gear'. Each brand uses different technologies for air ventilation systems in helmets, the padding systems, and even the curve and shape of the helmet shell itself. These technologies are what separate the different brands from each other and that is where personal preference comes in to determine which helmet is best for you or your team.