Step Aerobics Guide

Step aerobics is an excellent workout that's a hit at fitness clubs throughout the world. Now you can enjoy the fun and fitness of step aerobics in your home. You can get a great high-calorie-burning workout, even if you're not coordinated.

"The Step" itself is a raised platform. There are typically risers on each side of the step which you can use to adjust the step higher or lower. The higher the step, the harder you work, the more calories you burn. The whole idea is simulating walking up and down steps, except this is much more fun and you get to do it to music!

Now there are beginner step routines as well and intermediate and advanced. You can start out with the basics and move your way up. Step aerobic routines often include turning from side to side, hopping over the step, stepping off the end of the step, doing knee lifts, etc. All of these are simply modifications of the basic up/down motion on the step. So what if you mess up and miss a step, just keep moving and you'll get it. As long as you are moving you'll burn those calories and fat!

Step aerobics is a great exercise to bring into the privacy of your own home. You simply need to buy a step. Check out our line of Step Aerobic Exercise Equipment! We have something for everyone. Make sure you have a room to work out in with plenty of space around you. Besides the step, all you need is you, the TV and VCR and some water nearby to keep you hydrated.

How does Step Aerobics work?

A typical 50-minute step aerobic class burns 250 - 400 calories, depending on your level of exertion and weight. Even better, you'll find that you're energized and feeling better about yourself just because you did something positive, which may help you stay on the diet wagon! Of course you have to eat more healthy foods also. Feeling better about yourself makes it was easier to say "no" to snacks and desserts when you have just spent an hour burning fat during your step routine.