STX 2SEE vs STX 2SEE Pro Field Hockey Goggles Comparison


With a hard plastic ball weighing 5-6 ounces flying around the field, eye protection is critical in the game of field hockey. A strike to the eye with either a field hockey ball or an opponent’s stick can do serious damage to your eyes or face. That’s why Sports Unlimited carries a superior selection of goggles( to keep you safe on the field.

Both the STX 2SEE and 2SEE Pro field hockey goggles offer exceptional protection but at different price levels and unique designs. The STX 2SEE is designed for beginner to intermediate players and features a steel wire mask with silicone padding that forms to your face for comfort without absorbing sweat to minimize breakouts. The STX 2SEE Pro features a more advanced construction offering a lower profile design with a unique wire configuration that is lighter in weight and delivers better visibility than the original 2SEE. Both meet the ASTM requirements for field hockey and lacrosse as well as the NFHS rule.

So if you’re looking for an affordable, durable goggle that will get the job, go for the best selling STX 2SEE. But if you demand the best of the best, the 2SEE Pro will provide superior comfort and visibility.