Touch Screen Gloves Buyers Guide

Your smart phone, iPod, and tablet are probably completely integrated into your life at this point. They help you conduct business on the move, keep up with friends throughout the day, and fill your life with information and music wherever you go. With these tools, your life moves at a frenzied pace, always moving, always tapped in. But what happens when the temperature drops? We've all been there; You're out enjoying a winter afternoon and your phone have a text message from a colleague. Quickly you find yourself fumbling to get your gloves off so you can operate the phone's touch screen and reply. Suddenly everything has slowed down, and you're left taking your gloves on and off all day to stay comfortable and connected, just because the seasons changed and you didn't want to freeze your fingers off. But why? Why slow down the pace of life just because it's winter time?

Necessity, as they say, is the mother of all invention, and thankfully, some smart people had the same problem you had, and did something about it. Enter the incredible touch screen gloves, that allow you to operate the touch screens and touch pads on your favorite mobile devices with your gloves still on and your hands warm and cozy. Life doesn't stop, why should you?

How do touch gloves work?

Magic. No, I'm just messing with you.

Touch screen gloves are able to accurately operate touch screen keyboards, touch pads, and touch screens thanks to good old fashion human ingenuity...or more precisely, advanced technological designs.

Most people believe that touch screens are affected by the heat produced by your fingers, and that anything which comes between that heat and the screen prevents it from working (I know I sure did). But in actuality, the touch screen technology of your smart phone is reacting to your natural bioelectricity (no, not your electric personality...we're talking biochemistry here). This means that the tiny amounts of moisture, salt, and oils which occur naturally on your skin create electric conductivity between you and your iPhone, allowing you to manipulate the screen without traditional buttons. When something, like say your cozy winter gloves, comes between that conductivity, it breaks the connection and your screen is as useless as that temp in accounting.

What touch screen gloves do is mimic the natural conductivity of your skin with conductive metal dots, thread, or other elements built right into the finger tips of the gloves. With this technology, you can stay warm and safe in freezing temperatures, while sending that all-important text message to that demanding client, all without skipping a beat or worrying about getting frost bite.

What kinds of devices are compatible with touch gloves?

Smart touch gloves work on almost any device with a touch screen or touch pad. That means you can operate your iPod, iPhone, or iPad with ease. And if you're not into Apple products, don't fear. Gloves for touch screens work with any smart phone or tablet touch screen keyboard out there.

Are touch screen gloves still good gloves?

You'd better believe it! These gloves are top-of-the-line quality from some of the best brands in the business, like Manzella and 180s. They're warm, insulating, stretchable, and comfortable for fall and winter. What's even better, that touch screen technology can be found in all sorts of gloves these days.

180s Tec Touch Ultralite CTG Gloves are lightweight running gloves that keep you warm and protected from wind while you get up and go, and let you easily work your mp3 player to keep the music varied as you run.
For the rest of those cold months, check out the Manzella Power Stretch Touch Tip Gloves, that deliver solid warmth and protection from the elements in a stylish design that also lets you operate any touch screen device you've got on you.