• Uhlsport Gloves

    Uhlsport Soccer Goalie Gloves

    Why settle when you can have the best? Uhlsport soccer goalkeeper gloves give you unsurpassed protection and comfort with top of the line technology and materials. With six types of foam, there is guaranteed to be one that fits your needs.

    Uhlsport gloves feature six different cuts ranging from the simple, classic cut, all the way up to the highly technical Fingersurround cut. The classic cut features a construction where the front and back of the glove are stitched together along the sides of the fingers. This created a moderate fit: not too tight and not too roomy. The wide cut gives you a roomy feel with the largest catching surface. A negative cut glove has the finger seems on the inside, providing a tighter feel. The Rollfinger cut is achieved by stitching the front of the glove directly to the back, effectively rolling the latex around each finger providing a seamless, all around grip. This cut is perferred by many, as can be found on Hugo Lloris Goalie Gloves. Uhlsport has also upgraded the traditional rollfinger cut with new construction in the Absolutroll cut. Finally, the Fingersurround cut is the pinnacle of goalie glove cuts. Combining the interior seams of a negative cut and the all around coverage of a rollfinger cut, these pre-shaped gloves provide a close fit and direct ball contact. See how the Uhlsport Eliminator SuperGrip stacks up against the Reusch Serathor Supreme by checking out Reusch vs. Uhlsport.

    Uhlsport also boasts four different configurations of finger support in their gloves. The classic SUPPORTFRAME provides entry level players with the protection they need without sacrificing the ergonomics of the hand. The stable, flexible, and lightweight BIONIKFRAME support system is designed to enhance the natural structure of the human hand. BIONIKFRAME PLUS gloves feature the same BIONIKFRAME support system with the addition of THUMBFRAME to protect your thumb as well. Uhlsport then takes the BIONIKFRAME to a new level with the BIONIKFRAME X-CHANGE. With the same BIONIKFRAME base, the X-CHANGE includes individual reinforcing bars that can be placed wherever you would like them on the fingers to customize the level of stabilization to your liking. Check out the Goalie Gloves Buyers Guide to answer any glove questions you might have.