Under Armour Buyers Guide

What makes Under Armour different?

Under Armour is the original performance apparel. It started simply enough, as most innovations do, with the idea to create a t-shirt that would actually improve performance on the field instead of hold you back. The shirt would provide impressive compression on the muscles and wick moisture from your skin instead of just soaking it in and slowing you down. From this seed, the idea evolved into the first real performance shirt ever. From that initial innovation over a decade ago, Under Armour has grown into the leader of the performance apparel industry, creating microfiber apparel that works like nothing else on the planet.

Most well known for their innovative Moisture Transport System, Under Armour apparel works for pull sweat and moisture from your body as you work, and pass it through the material where it quickly and easily evaporates. The endgame? You and your clothes stay dry even when you sweat. So when you wear Under Armour, push it to the limit and watch your clothes make you better!

No matter what your game is, or where you take it, Under Armour has something to perfectly face the elements and overtake the competition. With advancement after advancement, Under Armour has continued its mission; "To make all athletes better through passion, science, and the relentless pursuit of innovation"

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What is Under Armour apparel designed for?

Under Armour apparel is the shirt, the pants, the socks, and the base layer evolved! It is the clothing that works with you, instead of just resting on you. With lightweight, breathable, and moisture wicking materials in a myriad of styles, fits, and colors, Under Armour is perfect for:

  • Running
  • Biking
  • Jogging
  • Walking
  • Training
  • Gym Wear
  • Hiking
  • Skating
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Games
  • Practices
  • Casual Wear
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What types of Under Armour technology are in UA apparel?

UA has spent over a decade developing the most advanced technologies in the performance apparel industry. Heck, they basically invented the industry itself! Their innovations work to fulfill the company's mission of making athletes better, keeping them comfortable so they can focus on what they do best...winning.

UA's"Performance DNA" is sewn into every stitch of Under Armour apparel, and is designed to conquer any condition, any game, and anybody out there.

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What conditions is Under Armour apparel designed for?

To meet the needs of every active person, in every season, under every condition, Under Armour has specially designed lines of apparel to suit different and changing environments. Under Armour HeatGear, ColdGear, and AllSeasonGear are labels you may see or have seen on almost any piece of UA apparel, but you may have wondered, what exactly do they mean?

  • Heat Gear
    • Built for extremely warm and hot conditions
    • Designed to keep you cool and dry<
    • Incredibly lightweight materials
    • Superior moisture transportation system to wick sweat from your body<
    • Breathable fabric to improve air flow
    • Quick Drying Material
  • Cold Gear
    • Built for cold weather, typically under 55?
    • Designed to keep you warm, comfortable, and dry during cold weather activities
    • Promotes blood flow and insulates your body with specially designed fabrics
    • Lightweight materials
    • Moisture transportation system to wick sweat away from your body
    • breathable fabric
  • All Season Gear
    • Built for changing weather conditions or mild temperatures
    • Made from radical fabrics that flex with changing conditions
    • Regulates body temperature with maximum breathability and moisture wicking capabilites
    • Keeps you comfortable in changing conditions
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    How does Under Armour Fit?

    To meet the needs of every active person, in every season, and every condition, Under Armour apparel is specially designed to suit different environments. Under Armour HeatGear, ColdGear, and All SeasonGear are labels you may see or have seen on almost any piece of UA apparel, but you may have wondered, what exactly does this mean?

      UA Compression
    • Compression
      • A very snug fit, wears almost like a second skin
      • Designed for serious athletics and training
      • Keeps muscles warm to prevent strain and fatigue<
      • Wicks sweat from the body, preventing chafing and rashes
      • Hugs muscles tightly, reducing the build up of lactic acid during exertion, and improving recovery time
    • UA Fitted
    • Fitted
      • Slightly tailored fit, designed to taper the body's shape
      • Flattering fit for most body types
      • Does not restrict motion
      • Looser than compression, but still fits snuggly to the body
      • Great as a layering piece, since some may find the fit too snug for a stand-alone,while other's may love the slim-fitting look, on its own
    • UA Semi-Fitted
    • Semi-Fitted
      • Slightly tailored to flatter the shape of the body
      • Looser than fitted, for good range of motion, without the baggy feel of a loose piece of apparel

    • UA Loose
    • Loose
      • A generous cut of fabric creates a comfortable feel for any use
      • Full feel gives plenty of room for movement and motion
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    What are the differences between Under Armour's fabrics?

    Most pieces of Under Armour apparel are made with one of five types of innovative fabrics, all of which offer different features to make you better. Whichever fabric you choose depends on your needs and preferences, but it's important to understand all that each has to offer, and how they improve your game, whatever it is.

    • UA TNP
      • A soft, lightweight, synthetic material
      • Moisture wicking technology to keep you dry
      • Anti-odor technology prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria
      • 30+ UPF Sun Protection
      • Superior performance
      • Heavier and more durable than Touch or Catalyst

      Bottom Line: Superior performance and a great feel for your regular runs or work outs.

    • UA Tech
      • Natural feeling material with synthetic performance
      • Mimics the feel of cotton, with a softer, more natural feel than traditional synthetic material
      • Delivers the moisture wicking performance you get with synthetic performance apparel, and expect from UA
      • HeatGear breathability and moisture transportation
      • Maximum mobility for unencumbered movement

      Bottom Line: Classic UA performance in a classic UA look, all at an affordable price.

    • HeatGear Touch
      • Synthetic material with an incredibly soft feel
      • Lightweight, thin material
      • Superior moisture wicking technology keeps you dry under any condition
      • Rolled shoulder seams for improved comfort
      • Anti-odor technology prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria

      Bottom Line: So thin, light, smooth, and comfortable that you might just forget you're wearing it. UA's most comfortable next-to-skin layer ever!

    • Charged Cotton
      • Naturally soft cotton material with advanced athletic performance
      • Thin, but with the weight of natural cotton apparel
      • Dries 5x faster than traditional cotton apparel
      • Unique moisture transport system keeps you dry with a natural feel
      • Maximum mobility for unencumbered movement/li>

      Bottom Line: Feels like cotton, wears like cotton, but wicks 5% faster than traditional cotton.

    • UA Catalyst
      • Incredibly soft, smooth, and comfortable material made entirely of recycled plastic bottles, in an innovative textile process
      • Light as a feather with a comfortable synthetic feel
      • Wicks moisture and breathes for excellent performance
      • Regulates body temperature
      • 50+ UPF Sun Protection
      • Anti-odor technology prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria

      Bottom Line: Made out of recycled bottles, but delivers silky-soft, feather-light, smooth as a baby's bottom performance.

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