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VICIS Zero2 Youth Football Helmet

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Youth football comes with different challenges and the VICIS Zero2 Youth Football Helmet was designed to address some of them. This version of VICIS' popular adult helmet comes with tweaks in the impact aborption that are finely tuned to the lower impacts of the youth game. The difference comes in the RFLX 2.0 system, buckling columns that help absorb impacts. In the Zero2 Youth, the columns are designed for velocities seen at the youth level and the same performance is delivered at a lower weight. The RFLX 2.0 layer is tucked between the same deformable outer shell and reinforced inner shell seen in the adult Zero2 that work together to provide a great fit with the best impact absorption in the game. The Youth Zero2 also emplys the same fit system with DLTA pods that snap in and out of six locations in the helmet and help you configure it to your head shape without an inflation bladder. For even better performance, the compatible facemasks feature optimized vertical and horizontal sightlines for maximum situational awareness.
  • Five-layer protection to mitigate impacts that occur during football
  • Deformable outer shell exclusive to VICIS helmets that deforms like a car bumper to absorb impact
  • VICIS RFLX 2.0 is the array of connected columns inside the shell that further breaks down the impacts, finely tuned for the impacts in the youth game
  • Reinforced inner shell engineered through data collected from hundreds of head shapes for accomdating fit
  • DLTA Fit Sytem
  • Each DLTA pod allows for impact protection on the RFLX side and a comfortable fit against your head
  • Fully interchangeable to various thicknesses
  • 6 locations on the inside of the helmet
  • Form Liner, located under the DLTA pods, gives you a locked in feel on the side and occipital regions and can be removed for a larger fit range
  • S/M includes 1" (installed) and 1.25" stabilizer pads; L includes .75" (installed) and 1" stabilizer pads
  • Includes installed DLTA pods and replacement pods
  • Industry leading horizontal and vertical field of vision
  • Standard VICIS hard mount facemask attachment
  • Includes black or white SportStar Extra Deep Hard Cup Chinstrap. Color of chinstrap may vary dependent on availability.
  • One tubular stainless steel facemask of choice included
  • Brand: VICIS
  • Gender Age: Youth
  • Shell Type: Polycarbonate
  • Pad Type: RFLX 2.0 system, DLTA Pods
  • Inflatable: No
  • Compatible Facemasks: VICIS 02 Facemasks
  • Vt Helmet Rating: ★★★★★
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