A History of Performance

In 1957, Wilson introduced the first player-designed baseball glove to ever hit the market. It quickly became one of the most popular and highest-performing gloves in the game, giving players exactly what they'd needed from glove companies all along; personalized performance! This model has become the mold that all pro gloves are based on today, and was the beginning of the Wilson A2000 Series baseball gloves...the most game changing glove in the history of baseball! Now entering their 55th season as reigning champions of the MLB and diamonds across the globe, Wilson A2000 baseball gloves have never been better. Combining tried and true features with the latest pro patterns from the game's best players, each and every A2000 glove carries with it millions of hours of engineering, player input, and master craftsmanship, giving you the ultimate performance every play, every game, every season.

Master Craftsmanship

The key to the continued success of Wilson A2000 gloves is obvious as soon as you slip your hand into one. Pro-Stock American Steerhide Leather construction gives it instant break it, without the weakness of other soft leathers. Prized by pro ball players for its rugged durability, Pro-Stock leather is as good as it gets when it comes to glove leather. Flawless, with a unique feel, this soft, yet tough leather gives your glove a long lifespan, even under the most demanding of conditions.

In addition to its unmatched leather construction, A2000 baseball gloves are built with the features demanded by pros and coveted by amateur players from Little League to the NCAA:

  • Dual-Welting: Referring to the two layers of exposed edges of leather along each finger back, dual-welting adds strength to the shape of the glove, maintaining your pocket and keeping your break-in perfect, even with the ultra softness of Pro Stock leather.
  • Dri-Lex Lining: An ultra-breathable, moisture-wicking lining in the wrist of the glove, Dri-Lex technology transports sweat away from your skin, keeping your hand cool and dry inside the glove, no matter how hot the game gets.
  • Pro Stock Patterns: Using exclusive hand designs inspired and modeled after gloves used and trusted by MLB all-stars, and continuously improved patterns and designs created by master Wilson craftsman Aso and the Wilson Advisory Staff, Wilson A2000 gloves are the most unique, high-performing patterns in the game today.
Series of Success

Wilson baseball gloves come in a wide variety of patterns and styles, and over time, the A2000 series has sparked and spawned other series of gloves that have carried on the tradition of excellence and performance, taking it in new and interesting directions.

  • A2000 Pro Stock Series: The classic A2000 glove, complete with Pro-Stock American steerhide leather.
  • A2000 Showcase Series: Designed for youth players, the A2000 Showcase Series re-designs the classic Pro Stock glove to fit smaller hands, giving everyone the opportunity to play like a pro! Perfect for players of all ages.
  • A2000 SuperSkin Gloves: Improving on perfection, Wilson made the classic Pro-Stock A2000 baseball glove lighter, stronger, and more responsive, with the strategic use of their synthetic SuperSkin material. Half as light as cowhide, and twice as strong, synthetic SuperSkin replaces the Pro-Stock leather in the backhand of the glove, shortening break-in time, repelling moisture, improving durability, and lowering response time, for a glove that outperforms anything else on the diamond. To maintain the classic feel and performance unique to an A2000, Pro Stock leather is retained in the palm, lining, and web.
Trusted By the Pros

Major league pros from almost every team in the MLB wear and trust Wilson A2000 baseball gloves to perform perfectly and consistently, season after season. Tested by the hardest working players in the game, under the toughest of conditions, A2000 gloves continue to rise to the occasion, and are repeatedly chosen and preferred by the league's top fielders. Check out our break down of all the Wilson A2000 Game Model Gloves to see what the pros are wearing.