Nokona Classic Walnut vs Wilson A2000

Serious players demand the best. Not only of themselves, but from anything that will play a part in them achieving their goals. When it comes to equipment, this could not be more true. In baseball, no piece is more important that the glove. A great glove becomes a part of your body, molding to your hand and allowing you to perform effortlessly. Two manufacturers that deliver to these expectations are Nokona and Wilson. Both make top of the line gloves that elite players trust.

The Wilson A2000 and the Nokona Classic Walnut are among the best gloves available for baseball players. Both are crafted from premium leather, delivering unmatched feel and durability. The Wilson features their Pro Stock Select Leather which has been carefully selected for consistency. Nokona uses a combination of Top Grain Stampede and American Buffalo leather for the Classic Walnut. This allows for a quicker break in process than the Wilson.

The A2000 series is among the most well known whether you are talking baseball or softball. As the same glove worn by Major Leagues players, the A2000 is loaded with features. Everything from WilsonÆs Dual Welting construction to the Dri-Lex wrist lining is designed to make this glove perform like no other. There is a reason this glove is so commonly chosen by professional players.

Nokona brings to the table a brand that is synonymous with quality. They have crafted all their gloves in the small town of Nocona, Texas for the last 80 years. With this tradition comes a relentless attention to detail. Each Nokona glove is remarkably resilient and comes with a 1 year factory warranty. Anyone whoÆs been around the sport knows just how dependable the Nokona name is.

Both of these gloves deliver exceptional performance. The choice comes down to whether you want the quick break in of the American made Nokona, or the light weight and high performance designed A2000 from Wilson. Select from Sports UnlimitedÆs large range of Baseball Gloves.