Nokona Baseball / Softball Gloves

Nokona gloves are a standard setting brand that delivers everything serious players demand. While trends have changed and innovation continues to push performance, Nokona has stayed true to the quality that has separated themselves from the competition. All Nokona Baseball and Softball gloves are handcrafted and constructed from premium materials right here in the USA. For over 80 years, the Nokona has made their products in Nocona, Texas with one goal in mind; taking the finest leathers available and creating a glove that you fall in love with while performing at your best.

Nokona baseball gloves are what many turn to when taking their game to the next level. Nokona gloves are used by professional players because they know the feel, fit, and control they require is always delivered. Made from a variety of leathers, including Kangaroo, Buffalo, and Cowhide; durability is never questioned. Many Nokona gloves are ready for play right out of the box. Special break in techniques are never required, as the best way to break in your Nokona glove is to simply go out and play. This allows the glove to mold to your hand, giving you unprecedented control. It is important to keep you Nokona glove moisturized, as this will ensure you glove is around for season to come.

From youth to professional and everyone in between, Nokona makes a glove for every type of player. Popular series have been the X2 Elite, SV1 Alpha Select Youth, and the Classic Walnut. A diverse selection of sizes and styles ensure each specific player's demands can be met. Whether you're an infielder who likes a shallow pocket for quick transitions, or an outfielder looking for a longer glove to give you confidence in your fielding, Nokona has a glove for you. Nokona Catchers Mitts offer a big target and secure fit, making them the top choice for most catchers. You can visit our baseball glove buying guide for more information on what type of glove you are looking for or see the differences between Nokona and Rawlings gloves in our comparison guide.

Nokona Softball gloves are everything you'll ever need whether it's slow or fastpitch. The quality in construction is unmatched, as each glove is handmade throughout the entire production process. With larger pocket designs specifically for softball demands, these gloves will allow you to elevate your game. Nokona Glove reviews are continuously singing praise for this historic brand, as their quality is like most have never seen. A one year manufacturer's warranty comes with every glove, ensuring that you are never disappointed. A tireless commitment to craftsmanship has created a heritage that Nokona continues to live up to.

Nokona Softball / Baseball

Nokona Baseball / Softball Gloves

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