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Ladies Figure Skates

You may be thinking: Aren't all figure skates just white boots with a metal blade? It may look that way at first glance, but there are many variables that you should take into consideration when purchasing a pair of figure skates.

What is your skill level? More expensive skates do not always mean better skates when you are a beginner. You want to make sure you pick a skate with a boot and blade specifically designed for beginning skaters that offer more support around the ankle, increased padding around the boney parts of the foot, and a more forgiving blade. For advanced skaters, consider the blade of the skate. Many styles of skate come with the same boot, but different blades. Choose the one that best suits your level and style of skating.

What is your budget? Figure skates run the gamut from inexpensive to very expensive. Typically, less expensive skates are for beginners and have less technical features and more comfort features. They may have soft boots, extra padding, and even different colors on the boot. The skate price increased as the technicality of the boot and blade increase. Most high end skates for women are solid white with a wooden sole and silver blade, however, some skaters have custom boots made in different colors.