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Youth Football

    Youth Football Thigh, Hip, Knee Pads

    Youth Football Thigh, Hip, Knee Pads

    Not all protection is made to be flashy and while there's nothing glamourous about youth football thigh, hip and knee pads, they're certainly a necessity to every football player.

    Built to work with slotted pants or pants made with snaps, the pads provide essential protections to the areas of your lower body that take the most punishment during the course of play. If you're looking to replace a damaged piece, knee pads, thigh pads and hip pads are all sold separately. Most people, however, opt for the 7-piece set. A set includes two knee pads, two thigh pads, two hip pads and tailbone pad.

    No matter the brand, the knee and thigh pads slide easily into the pockets in most football pants. Hip pads come in two varieties ? slotted and snap-in. Slotted hip and tailbone pads each include two slots cut into them that will allow a football belt to pass through them and keep them snug against your body. Snap-in pads have two snaps that will fasten to the inside of your youth football pants to keep them secure.

    Most pads are made out of lightweight foam and are flexible enough to not restrict your movements on the field. Grad a new pair of youth football thigh, hip and knee pads from Sports Unlimited and make sure you're protected this season.

    Q & A
    By Tavares from MS on July 1, 2014
    I need to know the pad sizes

    By Customer Service on July 2, 2014

    These pads are all youth sized, but different sets may vary slightly in size.