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Youth Lacrosse Goalie Sticks & Gear

Do you have a first year lacrosse player who is insisting on playing the position of goalie? Confused about what to buy and worried about buying the best stick and protective gear there is out there so you can keep them safe? We are here to help you.

A boy's lacrosse goalie is required to wear a helmet, chest protector, goalie gloves, mouth guard, arm pads, throat guard, and a protective cup. The helmet must be lacrosse specific and NOCSAE sealed. The helmet that the goalie wears is the same type of helmet approved for a field player. The arm pads and mouth guards are also the same types that are approved for field players. A chest protector is goalie specific and protects the torso, chest and stomach, and often times include shoulder and upper arm protection. Goalie gloves are different from field player gloves as they include additional thumb protection. A pair of standard field player gloves will not be sufficient or allowed for play for a goalie. Throat guards are usually goalie specific and can be attached to the helmet. These are goalie specific and required for play. Protective cup for goalies can come in the form of thigh padding with a protective cup integrated within. A protective cup is required for play for a youth player, but only recommended for a high school player.

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