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Youth Lacrosse Pads

Is your child new to the game of lacrosse? Are you not sure what you will need to buy when it comes to outfitting your child in protective gear for his first practice or game? Well, you have come to the right place.

Your lacrosse player will be required to wear shoulder pads, gloves, mouth guard and a helmet at the very least. There are also arm pads, arm guards, and rib pads to choose from. These items are not required but preferred. What are these items, you ask? What in the world is the difference between an arm guard and an arm pad? Shoulder pads usually provide protection to the shoulders, upper arms, chest and sternum area. These are required for all play.

Hand protection is of utmost importance in the game of lacrosse, and gloves provide that much needed defense.

Arm pads slide on over your forearms to protect your elbows and part of your arms. These are shorter, and more lightweight than most arm guards. If you are buying for a youth lacrosse player, you may want to opt for an arm pad over an arm guard ? an arm guard may be too long paired with gloves and shoulder pads and may not fit a smaller player in addition to the required padding. Arm pads will most likely provide more mobility for a smaller player.

Rib pads are usually optional, and they protect your player's hips, ribs and spine. These are put on the body before shoulder pads, and provides extra protection for the core.

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