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Youth Under Armour Football Clothing & Accessories

Dominate the opponent with the toughest, fastest, lightest gear out there. From head to foot, Under Armour has all the clothing, padding and equipment you need on the field to keep you cool, comfortable and on top of your game. Light, fast cleats that help you turn on a dime. Sticky, smooth gloves that make the ball stick to your hands. Lightweight padded shirts and girdles provide additional protection from impacts while wicking moisture and keeping you cool. Under Armour socks and base layers are also great for the field or training room to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter without any extra added weight.

Do NFL players wear Under Armour? Yes, you will see many athletes wearing Under Armour on the field and in the training room. Cam Newton has his own line of Under Armour cleats called the CN1 and Patrick Peterson wears UA cleats as well. Tons of other players from Tom Brady to Julio Jones train in Under Armour gear. They rely on Under Armour to keep them cool, dry and comfortable so they can focus on the next rep, drill or sprint.

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