> > Riddell EVX 45 Adult Football Shoulder Pads - RB/TE
Riddell EVX 45 Adult Football Shoulder Pads - RB/TE

Riddell EVX 45 Adult Football Shoulder Pads - RB/TE

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The Riddell EVX 45 Adult Football Shoulder Pads - RB/TE deliver the protection you demand and the mobility you need to get the job done. Perfect for tight ends, running backs, and other all-purpose players, the EVX 45 features low-profile Flat Pad construction and an innovative air management liner system, improving range of motion and mobility without sacrificing impact protection and safety. Built directly with this flat pad design is the newly engineered composite sub-arch; a reinforced plastic foam sandwich surrounded with non-skid material that gives your pads extra cushioning, and improves stability in the arch-liner surface. Combine these technologies with stiff corrugated arches, powerful and streamlined caps, strategically placed open and closed-cell padding, extra straps to improve pad stability, and smooth, comfortable velvet liners, and you have a serious shoulder pad for serious players, built to keep them moving all season long.


  • EVX Features:
    • Stainless steel hardware for incredible power and strength
    • Flat Pad design gives the entire pad an incredibly low profile, minimizing interference with your helmet, and improving your range of head and neck motion
    • Rigid belts direct force away from the initial impact point by converting the entire arch into a large-scale, shock absorbing system
    • Air Management liner system:
      • Uses a layer of semi-sealed air chambers, which slowly release their cushion of air after a hit, absorbing impact energy and spreading the force of the hit over a large volume of air, at a controlled rate
    • Engineered Composite Sub-Arch:
      • A plastic reinforced foam sandwich built into a non-skid material provides improved cushioning over the shoulder, and increases stability to the arch-liner interface
    • Corrugated arches for stiffness and durability
    • Power Epaulet and streamlined caps
    • Highly resilient Biothane epaulet straps
    • 3/4" thick convoluted open-cell foam bodies improve comfort and air circulation
    • 1/2" thick closed-cell foam padding protects the clavicle
    • Sewn-in shoulder channels with 3/4" thick open-cell foam padding
    • Comfortable velvet collars feel good against the skin of the neck
    • Aggressive fade graphics intimidate the competition
  • Running Back / Tight End / All-Purpose Position-Specific Features:
    • Flat pad design and position maximizes protection and mobility
    • Lightweight, low-profile pads keep skill position players fast and agile
    • Extra straps keep pads stable
    • No backplate
    • 1/2" thick deltoid pads
    • Streamlined caps optimize range of motion
    • 1" PVC belts
    • 1 1/2" elastic straps

Riddell EVX 45 Adult Football Shoulder Pads - RB/TE
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