5 Man Football Sleds

Every position group has it's stars and it's leaders, but one group known for unselfishness and functioning as one is the line. Linemen are a different breed with different responsibilities and a key role in making sure the offense or defense can function as it wants.

One way to solidify your linemen group is by picking up a new 5-man football sled from Sports Unlimited. We want your team to be better in every facet this season and nothing is better for your squad than having a cohesive line. Our five-man sleds from Fisher Athletic will have you creating bigger holes, hitting harder and controlling more games.

Five-man football sleds come with a variety of padding options from "man" shaped players to cones to t-pads. They're available in a wide range of colors allowing you to match or contrast your team's uniforms.

The drills are simple. Line up in your stance and drive the sled on the whistle. Hit. Rest. Repeat. An available coaches platform allows you to get a birds eye view of the action and make adjustments on the fly.

Own the trenches this season with a new 5-man football sled.

5 Man Sleds

5 Man Football Sleds

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