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Adult Football Face Masks

When you're looking for protective football equipment, it's always about finding a balance between incredible protection, durability, functionality, and performance. Choosing a football facemask is no different. Since there are literally thousands of football facemasks on the market today, finding the one for you may seem overwhelming. But trust us when we tell you, its a lot easier than you think.

First off, what position do you play? Every face mask is built with a different configuration, offering more protection or more visibility. Depending on your position, you should pick the face mask that gives you exactly what you need. If you're a lineman, you're going to need a ton of protection to keep those hands and fingers out of your face. On the other hand, if you're a QB, running back, or wide receiver, you're probably looking for better vision so you can pick up the ball and avoid defensemen. More bars give you great coverage and keep you from getting poked in the eye, but they will get in the way of your sight. So keep your position in mind when you're finding a face mask.

What age are you, and what level are you playing at? Face masks, like football helmets, are sized and designed for different players of different ages, sizes, and skill levels. Our selection of adult football helmets and facemasks are made with all types of material like carbon steel, stainless steel, and titanium. Each metal offers different weights, strengths, and costs. Carbon steel is your standard, moderately weighted, strong face mask. If you're a new player, just getting into the game, or just playing for fun carbon steel football facemasks are definitely the way to go. Stainless steel is a bit lighter, but also typically more expensive. For high school, college and other more serious players, stainless steel may be right for you. Titanium face masks are by far the most expensive face masks on the market, but they're also undeniably the best. Light and incredibly strong, titanium face masks will give the serious players the edge they need to rise above the competition. Keep your level of play, age, and definitely your budget in mind when finding a football facemask.

Finally, what helmet do you wear, or which helmet do you want to play with? Most companies, like Schutt and Riddell, produce face masks specially made for specific helmets. For instance, the popular Schutt ION helmet is only compatible with Schutt ION Facemasks. You don't want to buy a face mask, and later find out it doesn't fit correctly on your helmet. So before you purchase, make sure you're buying the right face mask for your football helmet.

Once you've answered these questions, you should have a definite idea of which face mask is right for you. Check out our huge selection of face masks of all shapes, sizes, configurations, and styles to find your favorite. And if you have any questions contact our customer service department at 800-693-6368.