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Protect what's most important when you put your body on the line for the game, and your team. Physical play is part of the game, but serious injury to the head and neck happens all the time, and can end a career before it even begins. Concussions especially, and their long term effects are in the news every day, and continue to be researched by medical professionals. Guard against these problems and continue to play hard when you suit up with an advanced and solid football helmet from Sports Unlimited.

You may think every helmet is the same, but with modern processes, scientific studies and advanced materials, high school football helmets (and pros alike) these days are actually tough pieces of advanced technology, each line offering different and customizable features that protect the head and reduce impact. Our full selection of Schutt helmets, including the revolutionary Schutt Ion 4D, bring top-of-the-line performance and unsurpassed protection to the field, with features like the Energy Wedge Faceguard and TPU cushioning system which reduces impact energy and protects the head from hits at any angle. In fact, Schutt has become so popular that pros throughout the NFL are making the switch every day.

Don't protect your most precious asset with just any old helmet. Browse our huge selection of Riddell, Schutt, Rawlings and Xenith helmets for every player, of any skill level, and find the one that works for you. And always stay safe out there!

Q & A
By Caleb from Albuquerque, nm on August 24, 2014
How long will it take to get a Matte black (large) in stock on you schutt helmets. 3 of them were out.
By Customer Service on August 26, 2014

Custom color Schutt helmets take 7-10 business days to ship at this time of year.

By Shirley from Knoxville Tennessee on April 27, 2014
is varsity same size as adult on vengence dct
By Customer Service on April 28, 2014

If you play varsity football in high school or above, you will need an adult helmet.

By Tracy from Greenville, SC on August 6, 2014
Is the fit the same for the Vengeance DCT and the Vengeance VTD?
By Customer Service on August 7, 2014

They both have the same size shell and adjustable air liners. The difference is the padding between the air liner and the shell, which should not affect the fit.

By Ivan from Baja california. on May 13, 2015
Is the adult helmet same as varsity helmet?
i mean, its the same thing?
By Customer Service on May 13, 2015

Football helmet sizing varies depending on the manufacturer and style. You should consult the specific size chart on the item page for the helmet you are purchasing to select the correct size.

By jordan sandstrom from Upland , California on January 17, 2015
If i am a large in a revo speed what size would i be in a vengeance because i tried my friends who is a large and it didnt fit properly
By Customer Service on January 19, 2015

You should use your head circumference and the size chart for the specific helmet you are purchasing whenever determining your helmet size. You can find the Vengeance size chart on the Vengeance item page to the right of the product image.

By RaphaŽl from France on August 11, 2014
Is this helmet the "elite" version of the Schutt vengeance DCT ?
By Customer Service on August 17, 2014

The only "Elite" helmet me have is the AiR XP Elite. It is not the same as the Vengeance DCT.