Xenith Football Helmets & Equipment

One of the newest football companies on the scene, Xenith has used its adaptive head protection to become one of the most sought after brands. Their ever expanding product line now includes helmets, facemasks, shoulder pads, back plates, rib protectors and visors to keep you ahead of the game.

Xenith has differed from traditional thinking with their helmets by using free moving Shock Absorbers that form to a variety of head shapes and move independently of the plastic shell. Both of their helmets ? the Xenith Epic and X2E ? have received five-star ratings in the Virginia Tech Helmet Study, showing that there?s a method to Xenith?s madness.

The company has carried the shock technology into their shoulder pads, releasing the Xflexion line in 2014 and adding to it in 2015. The shock absorbers sit behind a striking matte black shell, which gives the feeling of wearing Batman?s suit instead of a pair of shoulder pads.

Xenith has also applied their outside-of-the-box thinking to facemasks, designing a Pro Series of futuristic facemasks that have no equal. The rest of the football world has taken notice as Xenith became an authorized supplier of helmets to the NFL in the 2014 season. With players like LeSean McCoy and Devin McCourty on their roster, Xenith?s products have been proven at the highest levels of football.

Built for the enlightened warrior, Sports Unlimited is proud to stay on the cutting edge with a full line of gear from Xenith.


Xenith Football Helmets & Equipment

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